Thursday, November 24, 2011

New VP-Elect elected

It is a great pleasure to inform you of the election of John Metcalf as D12 Vice-President elect.
A  very large majority of D12 sections has voted in favor of his election. Accordingly, John is declared elected by acclamation.

His term, as D12 VP, will start on 1st January 2013, when mine finishes.

John Medcalf is a Life Senior Member of ISA. He was key to the creation of the Spain Section, being member of the first Executive Committee in 1998. Since then, he has always been engaged with the Section, acting as Delegate from 2000 to 2005. John has the reputation of being very proactive with a clear leadership competence. He is a renowned professional, having devoted his career to the Automation Sector. Recently retired, his last position was General Manager of  Emerson in Spain. From that position he greatly encouraged professionals from his company to be members of ISA and to serve in leadership positions.

I am sure he will be an excellent D12 DVP and, on behalf of all sections, I would like to warmly congratulate him on his election and to wish him all the best in his new responsibilities.

I also want to thank Kevin for having successfully carried out the election process with the support of Dianna. This election is clearly a new indication of the vitality of our district and I am more than happy to have now a full year in front of me for acting in tandem with John in D12 leadership.

With my best regards

Jean-Pierre HAUET

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