Tuesday, November 23, 2010


ISA Russian section congratulates professor Vladimir B. Kraskin

Friends and colleagues from the St. Petersburg Russian section congratulate professor Vladimir Borisovich Kraskin ( V.G. Khlopin Institute consultant ) – one of the oldest ISA Russian members- in connection with his 80th Birthday and wish him good health and success in everything!

Vladimir B. Kraskin
Vladimir B. Kraskin was born in Leningrad at November 28, 1930. He was studying at the Faculty for physics and engineering of Leningrad Polytechnic University and graduated from this Faculty in 1953. In 1954 he graduated from

The Missile Faculty of the Military Academy named after the F.E. Dzerzhinsky in Moscow. Then there was military service. During more the 30 years he was working at the «Baikonur» spaceport, taking part in the launching the first artificial satellite, the first manned space vehicle, the first orbital inhabited stations. He was an active participant in the preparation and realization of the historical Yuri Gagarin flight. He was a unique specialist in radio-telemetry and at the end of his military carrier he gained the rank of colonel. He is PhD and the author of more the 100 books, papers and patents. From 1988 till 2004 he was working as a senior researcher at the chair for Robotics of the SUAI. Now he is working as the scientific consultant in the St. Petersburg Radium Research Institute named after V.G.Khlopin. He is «Honored radio operator of the USSR», the member of interregional society « Space veterans» and the ISA senior- member.