Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New year greeting 2011/2012

Dear Colleagues,

2011 was not an easy year in several of our countries. I am not sure that 2012 will require less efforts. But clearly ISA can help in improving the competitiveness of our industry which is absolutely indispensable for our survival.

ISA is a unique reservoir of knowledge and also a think-tank where everybody can benefit from other members expertise et develop his own skills. I would like to thank very warmly all our colleagues who as volunteers spend a significant portion of their spare time in disseminating their know-how and permitting the young generations to inherit their experience.

I encourage you to pursue in this direction. We need to strengthen our forces, to capitalize on our colleagues’ knowledge, to share our own experience, to develop relationship between countries and sections.

I remain at your disposal, with  John Medcalf, our new DVP Elect, for helping in the launch of new initiatives and for developing your activities.

I wish you all the best for the coming year for yourself, your family and your activities.

With my best regards

Jean-Pierre HAUET

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