Monday, June 21, 2021

5G in Process Control - Webinar 21 Jun 2021

5G in Process Control
Monday, June 21st 2021
17:00 h. (C.E.T.)

5G is a wireless Technology of growing importance not only in the public communication domain but also in the Industrial Process Control field.

The objective of this webinar is to get familiar with 5G as wireless communication technology for Automation and know what we can expect in the future in this.

This is a joint webinar for all ISA District 12 (EMEA) and will be in English language.

Contents of the webinar

  1. The first presentation by Jens Jakobsen will explain the different wireless technologies used in the industry and the role of 5G in them as well as key 5G use cases today.
  2. The second presentation by Adrian Scrase will cover the following topics: factual update on the progress that has been made in 5G standards so far, how that technology is specifically adapted to suit the manufacturing sector (including ultra-reliable and low latency communications, non-public networks, licensed and unlicensed spectrum use, etc) and what we expect to be happing in the next 3-5 years.

The meeting will be coordinated by Francisco Díaz-Andreu (ISA District 12 VP) and will consist of two presentations plus Q&A
Jens Jakobsen (HMS Networks – Development Manager)
Adrian Scrase (ETSI European Standards – CTO and head of 3GPPs’ Mobile Competence Centre)

17:00h Introduction

17:05h Presentation from Jens Jakobsen - HMS

17:35h Presentation from Adrian Scrase - ETSI

18:05h Q&A

18:30h Adjourn

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