Sunday, July 17, 2011

Governance Restructuring: Message from Leo Staples

The Society governance model has changed little since ISA’s founding in 1945 but the world and ISA has changed greatly during this period.  The ISA Executive Board therefore established a task force to look at the Society’s governance structure to determine if changes are needed to enable ISA to meet the current and future needs of ISA members and the profession.

The following is a message from President Staples to the Executive Board!

ISA President Leo Staples,
During our 28 June 2011 Executive Board meeting we passed a motion "that the Executive Board recommend the Council of Society Delegates approve a resolution to endorse in principle the concept of Society governance restructure." 

The Governance Restructure Task Force was chartered by me, with the support of the Executive Committee, in the Fall of 2010 and has been working diligently since this time.   Although much work has been accomplished, much more needs to be done.   I want to inform you that I have reaffirmed the commitment to explore Society governance by the task force and I have asked them to carry on with their work in taking the existing organization chart as shared in the Town Hall meeting and Executive Board meeting and supplementing this effort with a short report containing additional details on each proposed committee and its relationship with other entities.   I believe this is consistent with intent of our discussion in St. Louis and the motion that was passed and referenced above.

I have asked that this new information be sent to the Executive Board in the near future with the ultimate goal of forwarding to the Council of Society Delegates.    As you know, any information going to CSD must be delivered 45 days in advance of the meeting so time is of the essence.    Included in this information that will be distributed will be the draft resolution that will be brought before the CSD for approval in 2011.

Please remember that the final approval and associated details will not be brought before CSD until October 2012.    We hope that by distributing the additional information and specific resolution wording we will increase the comfort level of many of our leaders around the world.   It will be imperative that you help communicate the message that the approval sought in October does not bind the CSD to endorse details that have not yet been developed but rather shows an endorsement for further expenditure of time and effort in developing the details for approval in October of 2012.

The Task Force and the Consultants understand the necessity of building the future model collaboratively and gaining ownership and acceptance by the leaders.   If a completed version were presented for approval, we are certain that we would not have necessary support, understanding and ownership and that is why we ask for your ongoing engagement in building the solution that is right for ISA.    As we continue our effort in the weeks and months ahead, we know we will become more knowledgeable and more informed on the governance model that is best for ISA and which will gain support for approval in 2012.   It is this knowledge and understanding that will allow us to build out subsequent levels of detail.    For this reason we would not want to race to present details for approval in 2011 that could be determined to be less than optimal in the final version that will result with more study and more discussion.

Together we will continue to build on the foundation blocks that have been set.   Remember to monitor progress of Task Force activity here, and know that the Task Force is a resource for you and all of the constituents you represent.   They welcome your feedback and dialog.

I thank you for your ongoing support.

Take care,


Sunday, July 3, 2011

SLM in St Louis: some points from our VP

Summer Leaders' Meeting in June 26-28, in Saint Louis (USA) : a new momentum for ISA.
Representing District 12, Pino Zani, Alex Bobovich, Kevin Dignam, Jean-Pierre Hauet, Eoin Ó Rian and Billy Walsh.

Gateway Arch: St Louis's
most famous landwark
Leo Staples, 2012 ISA President: Expressed himself more than pleased - The SLM  clearly gave a new momentum to ISA.

Pat Gouhin, Executive Director, provided a status report of the society which is quite encouraging. Even if the accounts are still in the red, they are better than budgeted and the total membership has started to grow again (+0.6% since the beginning of the year).

District Board Chair Greg Lehmann reported an intense activity within all the districts and sections, with clarification of the budgetary and reporting processes. The formative ISA Belgium section has been officially chartered to the status of active section : congratulations to Marc Blekkink and his team on their effort.
Department Board Chair Ian Verhappen reported on the progress achieved in the Governance Restructure Task Force, in which Billy Walsh from our District actively participates. The principle of the concept of Society governance restructure was endorsed and the task force will now get into the details of its proposals.

Eoin Ó Riain gave a live presentation of our District 12 Web site which was recognized as a reference for the other Districts. Eoin also sits on the Executive Board for the Department VP's (He is currently Publications Dept VP).

Maurizio Zecchini, Italy Section, has been awarded the Distinguished Society Service by the Honours & Awards Committee for outstanding service and contributions to the Society and its Members. Warm congratulations to Maurizio and the Italian section!

Terrence Ives
, currently Parliamentarian, has been nominated as next ISA President-elect Secretary and will succeed Robert Lindeman, who will serve as ISA President in 2012. His name will go before the Delegates for election in October at Mobile, Alabama (USA). Our District nominator on the Nominating Committee was Kevin Dignam, former District 12 VP. He also serves on the H&A Committee as does Billy Walsh.

The next leader meeting will take place in Mobile, Alabama, Saturday, 15 October 2011 through Tuesday, 18 October 2011. This will immediately precede the Automation Week.

Meanwhile we invite you to participate in the ISA D12 leadership Conference which will take place in Brussels on Saturday September 17 following the ISAEMEA Forum. President Leo Staples will attend.