Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Implementing Business to MES integration using the ANSI/ISA-95 standards! #PAuto

ISA-95 Training Course in Cork -Ireland

Many manufacturing firms have made significant investments in flexible shop-floor execution systems and in sophisticated enterprise planning (ERP) systems. Those investments, however, cannot yield their full potential until each has access to the information and capabilities of the other.

The ANSI/ISA95 standard addresses that coordination problem by providing a sound, robust definition of business activities and the information that must flow between those two realms.

This course teaches the terminology used in Information Technology (IT) departments, so that manufacturing and IT personnel can effectively work together on integration projects. It defines an approach to integrating manufacturing systems with other business logistics systems using the models and functions defined in the ANSI/ISA95 standard. It also  describes in detail the information that must be shared between enterprise (ERP) and shop floor systems.

Enterprise/Control integration is the integration of the business and administrative processes managing the order and product with the manufacturing plant responsible for real-time process execution.

Business systems focus on optimising business processes and operational decision-making while manufacturing control systems focus on the control and optimization of real-time production processes and resources.

You will be able to:
  • Specify the requirements for an enterprise/control integration solution;
  • Understand the issues involved in the integration of logistics to manufacturing control;
  • Identify the business processes that need information from manufacturing systems;
  • Identify the manufacturing control processes that need information from business systems;
  • Understand the business drivers involved in integration;
  • Identify the detailed information associated with enterprise/control integration;
  • Understand the roles of UML, XML and B2MML in vertical integration;
  • Apply the ISA95 object models.
You will cover:
  • Standards and Models: ANSI/ISA-95.00.01 Standard | ANSI/ISA-95.00.02 Standard | MESA International Model | World Batch Forum B2MML XML Schemas
  • Business Processes: Procurement |Product Cost Accounting |Product Inventory Control | Maintenance |Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Production Processes: Detailed Production Scheduling | Production Tracking | Production Resource Management | Product Definition Management
  • Information Model: Production Resources | Process Segments | Product Definition and Capability | Production Schedules | Production Performance
Classroom/Laboratory Exercises:
  • Identify key business drivers for integration
  • Identify key business processes and the identification of the business objects
  • Identify process segment definitions
  • Develop shared product definition information

Length: 2 days
Investment: €1.295,00 p.p. excl. VAT, including the printed ISA-95 standards (value of about US$500,00) and catering
Dates; April 14th and 15th, 2015

Location; Depuy Site, Ringaskiddy, Cork, Ireland
Registration: Registration; send this Excel form to

Monday, March 2, 2015

District 12 DLC - Tel Aviv 14/17 Apl 2015!

The ISA Israel Section is organising this year's District 12 Leadership Conference, which will take place in Tel-Aviv, Israel on the 15th-16th May 2015.

Old city of Jaffa, Israel
• Book Conference registration fee & Gala dinner

• Book Hotel Room 
(Group rateup to 1st April) 

Both links are secured. 

Should you prefer to convey the credit card no. by phone please do not hesitate to call Ms Udi Kedem, the co-ordinator
Tel: +972-54-7700598 or 
e-mail: udi.kedem at
The Conference will be held at the Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel,115, Hayarkon st.,Tel-Aviv. The hotel is located on the Tel-Aviv beach promenade, alongside a beautiful sandy beach and overlooking the old city of Jaffa.

The program will consist the following
May 14th 2015 – arrival
May 15th 2015 – DLC, cocktail & Gala Dinner
May 16th 2015 – DLC
May 17th 2015 – Trip to Jerusalem City (Option)

Please mark your calendar for this important conference in which we can further our knowledge of ISA, help our Sections grow, network with other ISA members, and take time to enjoy ourselves in the process.

Further details of the event will be notified over the coming weeks, in the meantime pencil this date into your diary and notify members of the Sections who may wish to attend.

When tweeting suggested Hashtag: #D12DLC.