Friday, September 20, 2013

Major conference on Functional Safety for Portugal

ISA Portugal is organising a technical conference on the subjects of functional safety, safety integrity levels and safety instrumented systems, taking place next 17th and 18th October, 2013, in the Hotel Vila Galé Ópera, in Lisbon.

Functional safety was chosen based on the responses obtained from surveys conducted on previous events organized by ISA Portugal, where attendees gave their opinion about their preferred subjects.

With this in mind we invited some of most reputed international experts on the subject of functional safety and we had positive reply from Paul Gruhn (Rockwell Automation), Pasquale Fanelli (Invensys), Bert Knegtering (Honeywell), Edward Marszal (Kenexis), Russell Cockman (Emerson), Heiko Schween (HIMA) and Immaculada Fernández (Técnicas Reunidas). José Gomes Ferreira, a portuguese CFSE and ISA member is also participating.

We are also publicising on this event the first book launched by ISA Sección Española, which is dedicated to the subject of functional safety, and we intend to offer one copy of the book to each conference attendee.

Every ISA District 12 member will benefit of the same conditions and discounts as portuguese ones. We also have ISA Spain support on this event.