Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Excellent representation expected at ISA European meeting

Representatives from 11 sections (i.e. 11 countries) have already registered to the next District Leaders' Conference, in Nice (F),  5 & 6 October. 

Eric Byres
The event will also benefit from the presence of Bob Lindeman (ISA President-USA) and Eric Byres (Tofino - CDN), possibly of a key-note speaker in the evening. Eric Byres is a veteran in the area of security for SCADA and industrial process control systems which has become so relevant in automation since the unleashing of the Stuxnet worm in 2010.

This meeting projects the image of a truly global organisation and no doubt that it will be a very informative and useful event.

For those who still would like to participate but have not registered yet here is the registration form (pdf) again!

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