Monday, May 14, 2012

New District VP to be from Ireland

Due to unforseen illness John Metcalf has been forced to resign as VP Elect of the district. All district members, and indeed the wider ISA Community wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

This necessitated a new election, organised by our Nominator, Kevin Dignam. The candidate elected is Brian Curtis from the Ireland Section.

Commenting on the election of Brian, current VP, Jean-Pierre said "John Metcalf whom you previously elected as D12 DVP Elect, had to resign because of serious problems in his vision. We wish him a prompt recovery and we also congratulate Brian on his election. Brian is familiar with ISA and his track record is impressive. No doubt that under his banner District 12 will continue to be at the level of its reputation, a district composed of a diversity of sections, each of them having its own culture, a diversity of languages, of business models, but all the sections sharing the same interest in ISA and all the leaders being strongly dedicated to the perpetuation of our Society."

Brian Curtis has been involved in ISA at a local, national, and International level for almost 20 years

He has demonstrated dedication and commitment to ISA by his continuing active involvement and serving in numerous leadership positions, serving as President of the Ireland Section in 1999/2000. He has attended many meetings in District and Leaders meeting the US.

He also was awarded the Distinguished Society Service (DSS) Award in Houston in 2010 for "For outstanding service and contributions to the Society and its Members."

Brian has 38 years experience in the Chemical, BioPharma & Medical Device Sectors, he has worked in various roles from Instrumentation Electrical and Automation Design, Construction, Commissioning and Project Management. He is currently working in a consultant role with DPS Eng Ireland.

Commenting on his election Brian said: "Thank you for your support in electing me as DVP Elect for District 12. It is disappointing for John Metcalf that he is not in a position to continue as DVP Elect, I wish John a prompt recovery from his illness.

"I am looking forward to working with Jean-Pierre and coming up to speed with the developments and challenges within ISA and particularly in District 12. 

"I am also looking forward to meeting you all in Nice in October and I am sure we will be in contact via email or mobile before then." He welcomed new ideas regarding the future and the evolution of our organisation. "Now is the time for offering your services and taking new responsibilities!"

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