Friday, March 2, 2012

Visit to Middle East: District VP's report!

This is a pictorial report on the visit of District 12 VP Jean-Pierre Hauet to the sections in the middle East.

It was the first time in a very long period that the District Vice-president had visited the Middle East sections. He received a warm welcome in all countries and the discussions identified a number of key issues which will be referred to ISA Central Office. Technical events are envisaged in the region in the coming months, either at the society level or at the District level.

It should be recalled that these four sections comprise nearly 600 members. Located in countries where the economy is booming and all of them are very active. We hope to see them at the next DLC meeting, in Nice (F) on 5 and 6 October.

Starting with Kuwait, Jean-Pierre Hauet attended a section meeting chaired by Ali Hasan Alhashemi, President of the ISA Kuwait section.
The ISA Kuwait leaders - From the left to the right: Ali Hasan Alhashemi (President) – Shemej Kumar (Newsletter Editor) – P.P. Muthu (Membership chair) – Mathew Isac (Program Chair)
Jean-Pierre Hauet (D12 Vice-President) & Ali Hasan Alhashemi (Kuwait section President)
He then travelled to Dubai (UAE) where he met with Mohamad Ibrahim (Abu Dhabi section President) and also attended a section meeting hosted by Cimac, a Schneider-Electric subsidiary. The Abu Dhabi section will be very soon renamed “UAE section” as its members are originating from the various parts of the country.

Section meeting in Dubai (UAE)
The next step was Qatar where Jean-Pierre Hauet gave a key-note address at the opening of the ISA Wireless Symposium 2012 organized by the Qatar section. More than 125 people attended this major event, sponsored by Emerson, Honeywell and Yokogawa and the local press widely reported the event.
Qatar press reports on ISA technical Conference.

Jean-Pierre Hauet also attended a section leaders meeting chaired by Nilangshu Dey, Qatar section President.

Picture below shows Qatar section leaders: Left of Jean-Pierre Hauet (ISA D12 President), Nilangshu Dey (ISA Qatar president) and Radouane Zid (ISA Qatar Secretary).

The last visit was in Saudi Arabia where he met in Dharan, Luay Al-Awani, Saudi Arabia Section President and other section leaders, in the premises of Aramco in Dharan. After a section meeting, he opened the monthly technical events organized by the section and dedicated to “Diagnostic standards for the FF physical layer”. Around 50 persons attended this meeting sponsored by Stahl.
Saudi Arabia section leaders – From the left to the right: Soliman M. Almadi (Newsletter Editor) – Ghulam Rasul (Vice-president) – Jean-Pierre Hauet (D12 Vice-President) – Luay Al-Awami (Section President) – Madhi R. Issa (Program chair)
A report and also a report on 2011 President Leo Staples to the region is on the ISA main site.

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