Friday, August 19, 2011

More on DLC

Message from District 12 VP, Jean-Pierre HAUET:

The next DLC scheduled in Brussels, in the Gresham Belson Hotel, on 17 September is approaching. I already received confirmation of the participation of many of you. We will also benefit of the presence of Leo Staples (ISA President), Nelson Ninin (Past President) and Timothy Feldman (ISA Global Operations Manager).  I do believe this DLC will be an exciting one.

Here is the latest version of the program (dated 18-08-11) ). I remind you that the deadline for benefitting of the special rates agreed with the Gresham Belson Hotel Brussels is 19 September 2011. Guests are welcome at the dinner on the  evening of the 16th.

District 12Leaders' Conference

Brussels, Belgium.

17th September 2011 - following the ISAEMEA Forum

ISA President Leo Staples will attend.
Registration form for DLC

Registration forms for Hotel

Simple pdf

Typeable Fields pdf

Getting to Hotel
For those who have not yet confirmed their participation, please send as soon as possible :
-          the registration form to the DLC (to me)
-          the hotel reservation form ( to the hotel), for those who want to stay in the hotel.

Regarding the program, six sections have already accepted to give a short overview of their business model :
Italy : Gianfranca Sanzeni
Spain : Francisco J Calmuntia
France : Jean Vieille
Belgium : Marc Blekkink
Ireland : John Downey
St Petersburg : Alex Bobovich
Abu Dhabi : Mohamad Ibrahim

I remind them that the purpose of these presentations (10 minutes max including questions) should be to provide general information regarding :

-          Their legal status and their membership
-          The breakdown of their activities (Training, technical events, publications, social events, promotion, etc) and of their revenues
-          The current trends and the priorities for the next two or three years
-          Their vision regarding the role the sections should play in ISA general development
-          Their expectations from ISA (Headquarters and district)

I hope some wrap up conclusions will emerge from these presentations and feed the debate about the ISA Governance restructure.

For the sake of clarity, here is a template (Power Point)which may be used for preparing the 5 or 6 slides supporting each presentation.

Please, also refer to my preceding e-mails as regards the EMEA Forum scheduled on 15 & 16. You may also find all the registration forms here on the Dist website here.

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